A good Laundry Room Design are few and far between but Kershaw Construction Co. understands how important this room actually is.  Time spent in a laundry room can go by quickly if your laundry room is set-up for speed and entertainment.   When space is an issue,  stacking a washer and dryer is a great way to go.

The six different compartments for laundry baskets serve to organize laundry while the 6′ long counter and hanging rack make folding and hanging easy.  The counter is made of Formica that sits on a cherry wood cabinet with several compartments for laundry baskets to slip into. Putting the laundry into the baskets and in the compartments is an out of site,  out of mind experience.

The laundry room has a linen closet and utility sink and a small tv above the entry door to make time pass quickly.  This is a great way to teach the kids how to sort and fold.   Wash, dry, fold and put it away while watching a cool show.

With a laundry room design being this easy,  one can make the most dreaded room in the house, the room you want to escape to.

Call Kershaw Construction Co. and we will help you come up with a cool laundry room design.