This kitchen home improvement by Kershaw Construction Company is quality but simple. Kershaw Construction Co. has been designing and building quality kitchens for over 28 years. This is one of many beautiful kitchens that offer high quality work with various top grade appliances and products.

Kershaw Construction installed two Hepa Air Filters, “High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor” in this home    It is a type of air filter that is used in air cleaning and purification equipment.  Most Hepa Air Filters will filter particles in the airborne environment down to 0.3 microns in size, at an efficiency rating of 99.97%. The Hepa Air Filter will remove some of the smallest microns of allergens such as:

  • dust
  • smoke
  • pollen
  • animal dander
  • dust mite allergen

Having a clean and uncluttered life style can benefit those that have asthmatic tendencies.  Keeping counters clear, home items dusted, and  carpeting replaced with wood or tile make the environment optimal for those that suffer from allergens.  The central valley in California  has many allergens that home air cleaners cannot handle.  The Hepa Air Filter is the most aggressive air cleaning system to date.

This kitchen home improvement by Kershaw Construction Co. features:

  • Saltillo tile floors
  • two stainless steel dishwashers
  • stainless kitchen sinks
  • stainless counters

This is a high quality kitchen, extremely simple yet complete with modern appliances and cabinets. Stainless counter depth refrigerators are the way to go when keeping lines clean.

Stainless kitchen sinks are easy to clean and one does not have to be afraid of scouring the sink.

The cherry cabinets are simple yet elegant and the brushed stainless pulls do not detract from the beauty of the wood.  Simplicity is beautiful in this kitchen and it is easy to keep clean.  So, allergens beware, the Hepa Air Filter is here making people comfortable and healthy in their homes again.

Kitchen Home Renovation with Stainless Steel

Kitchen Home Renovation with Stainless Steel

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