This kitchen home improvement did not have its kitchen design layout changed but with new appliances, cabinets, floor, paint and granite, it looks entirely different.  This is a great example of more is not always better but quality products make the difference.

Quality Makes The Difference

Kershaw Construction Co. designed these beautiful cherry cabinets and with quality craftsmanship, these cabinets have stunning lines, and a  beautiful stain finish that give this kitchen a modern yet elegant look.   Building cabinets that are a quality grade is a very time consuming process.  The design/build, stain, finish process that is prevalent in these cabinets make these cabinets unique. This kitchen home improvement did not rely on a different kitchen design layout but on quality craftsmanship at every turn.

Keep It Simple

When possible, rely on quality and not quantity. Simple quality speaks for itself.  Backsplash tile designs can overtake the counter.  Many counter tops can be very busy and it is important to accentuate the beauty in both the counter and backsplash designs.  If one is very busy, the other should be complementary. This kitchen home improvement is very beautiful and even though the  kitchen design layout did not change much, quality was considered throughout.

If you are wanting a different kitchen design layout that fits your style or just a simple kitchen home improvement, Kershaw Construction Co. will customize your kitchen just the way you want it.