Kershaw Construction Co. can design you an affordable bathroom home improvement.  An affordable option to natural stone is beautiful tile. Bathroom floor tile, bathroom countertop tile, and shower tile can save the homeowner money and still have a very elegant look.   Bathroom tile ideas are endless and Kershaw Construction Co. has a  design team that can help you design an affordable bathroom that you will want to spend time in.

This beautiful wood vanity  accommodates two bathroom vanity sinks.  Kershaw Construction Co. took this preexisting oak vanity and refinished the wood,  placed beautiful white tile on top of the vanity and set two lovely oval porcelain sinks to give this bathroom home improvement a new look.

Creative tile work in the shower is an option to stone design and much more affordable.  Porcelain tile is beautiful  for a bathroom upgrade.  One does not need to spend alot of money on a modern vanity when this beautiful preexisting oak vanity is just waiting for a second chance.

The two bathrooms in this post are in the same home.  Both used tile but with a different color preference.  Both bathrooms have an oak wood vanity with two bathroom vanity sinks.

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Kershaw Construction Co. can design and build you a beautiful bathroom upgrade