A bathroom home improvement is not the same without a soaker tub.  After a long day, there is nothing like a hot bath to relax your body and mind.  If you like baths, then when you are planning your next bathroom home improvement, consider a soaker tub.

Troubles Down The Drain With A Soaker Tub

Kershaw Construction Co.  will build you a bathroom that you will want to come home to.  The most relaxing thing one can do after a long day is to take a luxurious bath in a soaker tub. A deep soaker tub can take away the stress and send it down the drain.  When hunting for the right soaker tub one must consider a few things.

1)  Is it long enough for your body so that your knees are not out of the water;

2) Does the water fill up so that it is up to your chest;

3) Is there a slant at the back of the tub so that your can relax and not be sitting upright;

4) Is there space behind the tub where you can lay your head back and relax;

5) Do your toes hit the front of the tub. This is very important for you to be able to relax without sliding down into the water.

These are important factors in tub hunting.  These points might not seem like much but they are.  When shopping for a tub, please consider the above points. Don’t hesitate to sit in the various tubs you are interested in.  A Soaker tub can be expensive and a bathroom home improvement is a big investment so you want to get it right.

Design Around The Soaker Tub

As you can see, this soaker tub is surrounded by beautiful limestone. Saltillo floor tiles add character to this bathroom and are easy to care for.  Elegant Hans Grohe fixtures are simple but elegant with this soaker tub.  Notice there is room around the tub to put a candle, a glass, soap dish and toiletries and room to lay your head back.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to leave room in back of your soaker tub for your head to rest on.  I suggest at least 7 to 10 inches.

This particular bathroom home improvement the owner chose to have the tube raised above the lime stone but if you scroll down, this same soaker tub has been set below the marble  also referred to as an under mount setting.

Under mount soaker tub

Kent Kershaw has been a general building contractor/remodeling contractor for 30 years and has been servicing the Clovis and Fresno area for over 24 years.  Kershaw Construction Co. works closely with the homeowner to  help them with the design/build process,  from start to finish. Call: 559.322.9222  for a free estimate today and let us design and build you your next bathroom home improvement.