Fresno Contractors:

This kitchen has everything these homeowners wanted.  It is completely customized with all of their favorite things, including pictures of their vacation spot embedded in the walls.  Here are just a few of the customizations that were done by Fresno contractors in this home:

  • Modern Masters metallic plaster
  • Custom wall tattoos (take your favorite photo and we can have it blown up and put on your wall.
  • Cherry cabinets (custom kitchens designed for you)
  • Custom hutch
  • Completely customized kitchen

The metallic plaster really makes an interesting texture with a lot of beautiful luster and shine.  It is applied with a trowel and gives these walls a depth and shine with beautiful colors coming through.  It shimmers with such elegance that nothing else even comes close.  Fresno contractors at Kershaw Construction Company really understood what this metallic plaster would add to this beautiful kitchen.

The custom wall tattoos were another great feature of this customized kitchen.  Fresno contractors took existing photos that the family had from their vacation and blew them up and actually embedded them in the wall using a process that is not very widely known.  This makes this area mean even more to this family, as these pictures have great sentimental value and are a great conversational piece.

The cherry cabinets needed to be custom built in order to fit the spaces that were utilized in this custom kitchen.  With Fresno contractors at Kershaw Construction Company, this was no problem.  They specialize in custom work and did a beautiful job.

There is also a beautiful custom hutch built in with room for displaying china and wine glasses.  There is ample lighting with decorative lighting included.  Fresno contractors at Kershaw Construction Company really did a great job with this completely customized kitchen built to last.

Fresno Contractors at Kershaw Construction are happy to build custom kitchens as well as other high quality home improvements and new construction.