Fresno Contractors – Beautiful Bathroom Remodel

This bathroom remodel includes a big list of quality items that made this bathroom go from boring to amazing!  We’ll break it all down for you so you can see what Fresno Contractors at Kershaw Construction Co. did to bring this bathroom back to life.

  • Walnut Cabinet.  Why choose anything less?  Walnut is known for its strong durability.  It is a hard wood and it has a generally straight grain that gets wavy toward the roots.  It is used a lot in furniture because of its durability and beauty.  It can be costly, so many people go with a veneer rather than the solid walnut, but Kershaw Construction Co. Fresno Contractors went with the solid wood to give this bathroom the quality cabinetry it deserves.
  • Granite Counter tops.  Fresno Contractors know that Granite counter tops are beautiful.  Each stone has a unique look because no two stones are alike.  It is impossible to get the true beauty and depth of granite with anything but real granite.  Fresno Contractors at Kershaw Construction Co. gave this bathroom a real lift by putting beautiful granite counter tops instead of anything less.  And, the cost wasn’t even that bad.  Granite is less expensive than many people think.
  • Limestone tile floors.  While natural stone tiles are beautiful and add a classic look to any room, they need to be laid with care as the strength of the stone varies from tile to tile.  For this reason, the subfloor must be laid to give strength to the floor while the tile just gives surface wear and tear.  Fresno Contractors at Kershaw Construction Company made sure to give this bathroom floor the structure it needed to be able to last for years to come.
  • Granite Shower Tiles.  Granite tiles are beautiful in a shower.  Fresno Contractors at Kershaw Construction Company gave this shower a whole new look with gorgeous granite tiles.  Granite tiles can be cut very precisely, so you can get a very thin grout line, which is ideal for showers.

Fresno Contractors at Kershaw Construction Company understand your needs.    Their attention to detail and design make them the best at what they do. Kershaw Construction Company is now accepting jobs in Fresno and Clovis and surrounding areas.