Fresno Construction

In this Custom Built-In China Hutch, Fresno Construction Co., Kershaw Construction, showcases the beauty of the cherry wood with the elegance of glass doors.  This custom cherry cabinetry features through-cabinet lighting and under-cabinet LED lighting.  The lighting really sets this apart as a quality construction project.  Plus, it shows off the dishes in a very dramatic light.  What other Fresno Construction company would take the time to pay such attention to detail?

The Italian tile backsplash and decorative Italian tile accents really complete the look and make the kitchen design look exquisite and modern.  Giving the client the right design is something that Fresno Construction company, Kershaw Construction, prides themselves in doing well.

Italian tile tends to perform better in harsh environments.  They can last longer and withstand extreme sun and chemicals better than other tiles.   Plus, the attention to detail is unmatched by other tile manufacturers.  That is why Fresno Construction company, Kershaw Construction, chose to use Italian tiles in the tile backsplash in this custom cherry built-in china hutch.

Cherry wood is one of the most beautiful and durable choices of wood for cabinets.  Cherry can darken over time, giving it a deep antique color that adds to its beauty and desirability.  Cherry can look good in any room because of its rich and warm visual appeal.  Cherry wood lasts a long, long time, making it the perfect wood for custom cabinetry.

When it comes to quality, you know you’re going to win with Fresno Construction company, Kershaw Construction.  Kershaw Construction Company is highly respected and gains customer approval with each job they do.  Kershaw Construction Company is a Fresno Construction company dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.  When choosing a company to do your Fresno Construction project, make sure you choose Kershaw Construction Company.  You’ll be glad you did.

Fresno Construction company, Kershaw Construction Co., proudly serves the residents of Fresno CA, Clovis, and surrounding cities.