A bathroom home improvement is always a welcome building project. Bathrooms can be a challenge to improve but the Kershaw Construction  design team will work with you to design a bathroom that will make you smile.  This bathroom was very narrow so we wanted to make it appear larger by lightening it up with beautiful light blue granite, painted cabinets, large mirrors and tile floors.  Granite counters are easy to care for and unlike tile, dirt and bacteria don’t collect in the grout lines.  Granite smooth counters make a bathroom easy to clean and they look modern and elegant.  Mirrors in a bathroom give the illusion that the bathroom is much larger than it is and painted cabinets offer a very clean look and can be painted any color to tie everything together.

Vanity At The Vanity

A bathroom vanity is always a great place to sit after a bath or shower and brush up.  Weather you are brushing your hair, putting on make up or painting nails, a bathroom vanity is a great place to relax.  A bathroom is a very personal place and Kershaw Construction wants to design you the bathroom that you want.  The  bathroom counter tops, and painted cabinets add to the pristine feel of this bathroom home improvement.   Mirrors on the vanity make the bathroom appear larger and the glass pulls take this bathroom back in time. Tile bathroom floors with throw rugs make this bathroom warm and simple at the same time.

Out With The Old: Bigger Tubs, Bigger Showers

Today we have many bath tub choices.  Many people look forward to soaking in the tub and it is very important that your bathroom home improvement considers your size and  bathing preferences.  Have you ever sat in a tub that was too short and your knees were out of the water or your head could not rest back and your neck was bent and you could not relax.  Showers also need to be designed for comfort.  It is not relaxing to have to duck under the shower head or when you  would love to sit down but can’t.   It is relaxing to sit in the shower after a long day and we can design you a shower/tub bathroom that will make the difference.   Kershaw Construction Co. will work with you to customize and design a bathroom home improvement just for you.